It’s Time To Volunteer

By Brandt Hamilton

So, it turns out the year 2016 wasn’t the problem. We’re well into 2017 now, and the injustices from the Trump administration are only growing. In a time where the government has abandoned its morality, the paramount duty to improve the country falls in the hands of the people. It’s time you get involved in your community… unless… you were to, oh, I don’t know… happen to have impeachable evidence on Trump. If you do, please, for the love of God, work on that first.

We no longer have the luxury of inattentiveness. As of now, neglect towards the problems shaping our world ensure only their growth. Rather than stand by idly for change, we must make it ourselves. The future bends towards progress, yes, but the pull that causes the bend is from the people. So get involved! Now!… UNLESS… unless… you were to, like, happen to have a series of audio recordings that show Trump’s connection to Russia. If you do have that, seriously, call the FBI right now! Why are you reading this blog post?


It’s become easier than ever to get off

the couch and onto the front line.


With DiveIn, you’re able to connect with other people, organizations, and nonprofits with your interests. As they begin expanding nationally, it’s become easier than ever to get off the couch and onto the front line of the fight for the causes you care about. So often you hear that question: “What can I do to help?” Well, what you can do is get involved in your community. That’s where change starts. A room of organizers can make a neighborhood stronger, a neighborhood can make a city stronger, a city can make a state stronger, a state can make a country stronger, and a stronger country will lead to a stronger future. It will be a long fight to beat the Trump administration, and we need to take small steps to cause big change… Unless, again, and I can’t emphasize this enough, you are sitting on a ton of evidence on Trump’s ties to Russia. Please, oh God, please, stop reading this blog post if you are and turn that in! You can end all of this, now! Remember what life was like BEFORE the host of Celebrity Apprentice ran the country? We can go back to that! Please! I’ll do anything!

We are together in the fight for change. We are defined by our response to adversity. Are you going to want to remember these four years as a time when you did nothing? Or will you fight for our American values? OR… will you go even a step further and drop a ton of evidence that will save our country immediately? If that last one is even an option for you, please do it. The volunteer work will be here when you get back.


It’s Time To Volunteer

Brandt Hamilton is a comedy writer living in Brooklyn, New York. His writing has been used by Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Above Average, and the Huffington Post. He also really likes dinosaurs. You can follow him on Twitter @BrandtHamilton.